ACT Metlund D’MAND S-70T

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The D’MAND® S-Series converts standard plumbed homes into D’MAND® Systems. At the push of a button, the S-Series pumps cold water sitting in the hot water line into the cold water line and back to the water heater. The “off sensor” automatically shuts off the pump and closes the zone valve when hot water arrives at the system. Now you have hot water instantly at the fixture and anywhere else plumbed off of the main line.

The S-70T models are designed for homes under 3500 square feet. They are suitable for use in most homes and small businesses. They weigh 7 lbs. Dimensions are 11″ wide, 8″ deep, and 6″ tall. (This model is adaptable to any tankless water heater. Please review our tankless water heater section for proper sizing.)

The patented PDV (Check Valve) is built right into the pump housing, reducing the number of external devices. It is adequate for runs of up to 100 feet. The pump carries a five year warranty.

The S-70T is available in three configurations. The base configuration is the S-70T-PF Kit as shown below.Pause your mouse over the other model numbers to see the differences in the photos. Click any model number to add that item to the shopping cart. (If you want to buy more than one, you can change the quantity in the cart later.)