House Pure® Whole House Filtration System

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The HousePure™ whole house water system is a revolutionary product that filters and conditions water at its entry point to deliver high-quality water to your entire home. Streaming from every faucet and fixture, HousePure water is perfect for better tasting meals and drinks, softer and brighter laundry, and healthier skin and hair.

The HousePure™ ScaleStop utilizes a combination of coconut shell activated carbon, KDF-55 media and Watts ScaleStop Media. In combination, the HousePure ScaleStop provides the most effective alternative to salt-using water softeners, reducing harmful scale buildup throughout pipes, dishes and appliances while retaining beneficial minerals in the water supply. The scale control system does not require salt.

HousePure™ System features for all models:

  • 16 GPM Scale Contro
  • Includes Installation Kit
  • Scale Control Alternative to Water Softening
  • Automatic Backwashing with Heavy Duty Industrial Valve Rated to 35 GPM
  • Whole House Protection
  • Coconut Shell Carbon and KDF Media Protection
  • 1/2” discharge connection
  • Up to 1-1/2” Flow Connections