Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

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Noritz offers RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL tankless gas (NG & LP) water heaters for 1 – 5 showers.  Noritz heaters are also linkable (via Quick-Connect or Multi-System) up to 24 units.  We also have the NH series which is specifically designed to heat homes.  The NH series can be use for such applications as floor heating, baseboards, radiators and driveways.

When it comes to quality, Noritz takes no short cuts in producing the highest quality tankless water heaters.  Unlike other manufacturers, they do not outsource the main components of their heaters.  They manufacture nearly 100% of the parts that go into their heaters.  They even make the heat exchanger’s copper tubing from raw copper.  This allows Noritz to have the highest quality control of all the heater’s parts and components.

Noritz Tankless Water Heaters Offered:

  • NRC98 (9.8 GPM)
  • NR66 (6.6 GPM)
  • NR71 (7.1 GPM)
  • NR98 (9.8 GPM)
  • NR111 (11.1 GPM)
  • NH Series Hydronic Boiler (Max: 150,000 btuh)
  • NC380 Commercial
  • NC250 Commercial (Max 250,000 btuh)
  • NCC199 (Max: 199,900 btuh)

Proper Sizing

Noritz prides itself on being the best tankless water heater manufacturer to supply all of your residential hot water needs. To determine which tankless water heater model is right for you, you first need to identify your peak hot water usage.  The estimation chart shown can guide you to find the right sized residential tankless hot water heater for your home.

Each showerhead illustrated below is about 2.5 GPM, which is roughly what a standard showerhead, bathroom sink, dishwasher, and washing machine would use. To meet all residential hot water heater needs, these tankless hot water heaters can be linked together to provide on-demand hot water for every application. The number of showerheads next to each series shows the heater’s capacity of providing hot water simultaneously.